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December 22, 2021
Jack Gibbs circuit up the best affecting cases of 2021.

Uber BV v Aslam [2021] UKSC 5

In 2016, a accumulation of Uber drivers commenced affairs at the application attorneys apropos their application status. The Absolute Cloister initially drew a acumen amid “workers” beneath the Application Rights Act 1996 and “self-employed/independent contractors.”

The accepted accommodation that they were in actuality “workers” took into annual bristles key factors, one of which was that the drivers did not accept ascendancy of their own fees – these were imposed by Uber, through the app. The court’s accommodation emphasises the accent of artisan protection, accepting a massive appulse on the gig economy.

Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Bloom Organization

On 1st December this year, the Absolute Cloister is set to apprehend one of the best cogent aborticide cases in years. This case apropos the amends of a Mississippi law which prohibits aborticide afterwards 15 weeks of abundance (with the barring of medical or fetal abnormalities). The key affair is whether the cloister will annul the case of Roe v Attack (1973) which establishes the built-in appropriate that individuals accept to abolish abundance afore a fetus can survive alfresco of the womb.


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Devon Affiliation NHS Assurance v Secretary of Accompaniment for Bloom and Amusing Care

Devon Affiliation NHS Assurance approved a acknowledgment as to whether the claim in S.12 (1) Brainy Bloom Act 1983 (that a medical practitioner charge accept “personally examined” a accommodating afore commutual a medical recommendation) and the s.11(5) claim that an Accustomed Brainy Bloom Able charge accept “personally seen” the accommodating afore authoritative an appliance could be accomplished by a alien assessment.

The cloister captivated that “personally examined” and “personally seen” meant that concrete appearance was appropriate in assessing brainy health, acknowledging that any arising difficulties charge be addressed by Parliament.

HRH The Amazon of Sussex v Associated Newspapers Limited

In 2018, the Amazon of Sussex wrote a letter to her father, which after became accessible back mentioned in a US magazine. In 2019, the Mail on Sunday and MailOnline appear an commodity absolute the letter, bidding acknowledged proceedings.

The cloister captivated that the Amazon of Sussex had a reasonable apprehension of aloofness with commendations to the advice abundant in the letter, which was appear in a clearly boundless and accordingly actionable way. The arrest with abandon of announcement was a all-important and commensurable agency of advancing the accepted aim of attention the claimant’s privacy.

R (Good Law Activity & others) v Secretary of Accompaniment (SoS) for Bloom and Amusing Affliction [2021]

This year, the government’s accuracy advice apropos the application of appurtenances and casework affairs during Covid-19 was challenged beneath reg. 50 Accessible Affairs Regulations 2015. This accouterment makes bright that the SoS is answerable to broadcast capacity of any arrangement no afterwards than 30 canicule afterwards it has been awarded, confined a basic accessible action which is no beneath important during a pandemic.

Where Government decisions abridgement accuracy and are not captivated accountable, this abundantly threatens the aphorism of law.


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