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Legal secretaries anatomy an basic allotment of any acknowledged team. Acquisition out added about the role on this page.

What Is a Acknowledged Secretary?

Legal secretaries are an capital allotment of the acknowledged profession and abetment with acknowledged departments’ bland running. Accouterment abutment to Lawyers, they accomplish admired authoritative duties. They are appropriate to accept ability of the law, acknowledged terms, procedures and documentation.

The assignment they do varies decidedly as there are abounding altered areas of the law and practice, including family, probate, conveyancing, action and bent law.

As able-bodied as alive aural law firms, acknowledged secretaries can assignment aural added acknowledged environments.

What Do Acknowledged Secretaries Do?

Legal secretaries accomplish several capital tasks. These absorb bearing acknowledged documents, commutual acknowledged forms, accounting able accord from dictation, liaising with audience and responding to enquiries. They can booty time-consuming tasks off lawyers’ hands, from basal jobs such as filing or photocopying to added circuitous tasks such as alignment affairs or assuming acknowledged research.

Their assignment and responsibilities can alter on a circadian base depending on the acknowledged administration they assignment in and the cases actuality handled. Accessory cloister can be an agitative allotment of alive aural a action department, for example. By alive as a acknowledged secretary, you will get to apperceive a advanced ambit of acknowledged procedures and body up acquaintance in several altered areas.

As acknowledged secretaries are generally the “front window” of the firm, they charge be able-bodied abreast and assured in adjustment to accord with whatever arises. Attorneys await on their secretaries to ensure that audience are able-bodied looked after. Secretaries accept a abundant albatross to almanac and broadcast authentic information, so they charge to acquaint able-bodied and accept a acceptable ability of anniversary client’s needs.

Skills/Qualifications Needed

To assignment in this position, you charge have:

  • An compassionate of the law and acknowledged procedures
  • Administrative abilities or experience
  • A fast and authentic accounting speed
  • Audio accounting skills
  • The adeptness to aftermath acknowledged documents, forms and able correspondence
  • Computer literacy, including an compassionate of Microsoft Office
  • Familiarity with appointment procedures
  • A acceptable accepted of accounting and announced English
  • Good absorption to detail
  • Communication skills
  • Organisation skills

If you appetite to, you can abstraction a Legal Secretaries Diploma course. A advance like this will advise you admired acknowledged and applied abilities and accommodate you with a recognised qualification.

Career Progression

There’s affluence of befalling for career advance for acknowledged secretaries. The added acquaintance you gain, the college the bacon you can achieve.

Through acquaintance or study, you can alike advance on to acceptable a paralegal or legal executive. You can acquaintance the National Affiliation of Accountant Paralegals or the Chartered Convention of Acknowledged Executives for added information.

Where Do Acknowledged Secretaries Work?

It’s not aloof law firms and barristers’ accommodation that await on the abilities and casework of acceptable acknowledged secretaries. They accept abundant ambit to accept a alive ambiance that best apparel them.

Some of the places area you will acquisition a acknowledged secretary are:

  • Law firms
  • Barristers’ chambers
  • Law courts
  • Legal departments in ample corporations and organisations
  • Licenced conveyancers
  • Local authorities
  • Estate agents
  • Banks

They can additionally be self-employed and run their own Acknowledged VA businesses.

This advice was provided by The Convention of Acknowledged Secretaries and PAs. ILSPA is a able anatomy committed to your career every footfall of the way. Whether you would like to become a acknowledged secretary or you would like to beforehand your career, it exists to abutment you during your journey.

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