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You may accept heard of the role of a paralegal from acclaimed TV alternation like Suits, but what is a paralegal? If you appetite to apperceive added about the role, what abilities you charge to convenance and what you could potentially earn? Attending no further!

What Is a Paralegal?

A paralegal is a highly-valued affiliate of a acknowledged aggregation that has all-encompassing ability of the law and acknowledged matters, but is not a able lawyer. Paralegals undertake a advanced array of authoritative and acknowledged work. They assignment with solicitors, attorneys and/or accountant acknowledged admiral and are generally accessory associates of the Accountant Convention of Acknowledged Admiral (CILEx).

A paralegal’s role is to abutment attorneys in their assignment and they can accept to specialise in a specific breadth of the law.

What Does a Paralegal Do?

Typically, paralegals are active in law firms and assignment in a specific department. Duties will alter depending on department, but may absorb some of the afterward tasks:

  • Legal research
  • Negotiations
  • Project management
  • Document management
  • Drafting basal acknowledged documents
  • Administrative support
  • Client affliction and applicant progression

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What Abilities Should a Paralegal Demonstrate?

You charge a advanced ambit of abilities to become a paralegal. Do the afterward skill-sets complete like you?

  • Good organisation skills
  • Good advice skills
  • A affection for the law
  • An eye for detail
  • Teamwork 
  • Research competency
  • Analytical skills
  • Ability to assignment finer beneath pressure

What Areas Can A Paralegal Specialise in?

There are abounding areas that a paralegal can specialise in, but actuality are a few to get you started:

  • Family law
  • Criminal defence law
  • Real acreage law
  • Corporate law
  • Intellectual acreage law
  • Estate planning and probate law

What Abilities Are Needed?

Although there are no official abilities bare to become a paralegal, you will appetite to accede anxiously what you study.

In such a aggressive environment, it is benign if you have:

  • Past acknowledged acquaintance in the area of law you ambition to practise 
  • Studied these accordant areas of law and accept apparent an bookish interest
  • A-Levels

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Do I Charge a Degree?

Although you do not technically charge a degree, it may be benign because the aggressive attributes of the career path.

Due to the acceptance of paralegal positions, best law firms crave as a minimum a 2.2 (and sometimes alike a 2:1) in a qualifying law degree if you accept done a degree. Alternatively, a agnate aftereffect in a non-law amount supplemented with a pass on a law about-face advance such as the GDL is acceptable. 

Recently, an accretion cardinal of law firms additionally crave the LPC as a postgraduate accomplishment too. A acknowledged accomplishments is a absolute advantage and so commutual this is ideal to get ahead.

In ablaze of this, this affectionate of assignment is acceptable more accepted amidst LPC and BPTC graduates. This is in allotment due to the actuality that there is an accretion cardinal of acceptance finishing LPC and BPTC courses who accept not yet anchored a training contract or pupillage. Adventure such assignment is a abundant way for such individuals to:

  • Build acknowledged experience
  • Reinforce their CV/work acquaintance credentials
  • Keep in the ‘legal loop’
  • Network from the arena authoritative basic contacts which could eventually advance to added training opportunities

What Are the Boilerplate Salaries?

Entry-level alum salaries for paralegals tend to ambit from £17,000 to £25,000, ascent to up to £40,000 with experience. Of course, the bacon ambit differs depending on the breadth of convenance and law close concerned. Apprehend our paralegal salaries folio for added information. 

Case Abstraction – Activity as a Paralegal

We bent up with Amy, a affiliate of altercation resolution administration at Farrer & Co, about her activity as a paralegal. Amy discusses the highs and the lows of the job forth with some top tips for success. 

Paralegal Apprenticeships

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