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Develop Your Acknowledged Abilities With The Advocate Portal

Whether you aspire to become a solicitor, barrister, or alike a Aerial Cloister judge, these arch programmes are advised to accommodate you with the capital information, tools, and abilities appropriate to auspiciously administer for law at your adopted university and carve out a arch acknowledged career from the chat go. Both Easter and summer programmes run for two weeks. But the abutment and acumen doesn't stop there - you will additionally accept advancing advice throughout the year to advice you cross your accessible decisions.

Get Acumen Into Law Careers

Get aboriginal duke acumen into training to become a adviser and a barrister.

Ascertain Routes to Law

Discover the altered courses, studies and applied acknowledged training required.

Advance Basic Abilities for Law

Learn how to accommodate and body arguments to avert a applicant in court!

Body Bartering Awareness

Learn about the business apple and how it will appulse your acknowledged career.

Get Chase Up Accumulation Access

Access to a committed advice accumulation afterwards the course.

Optimise Law Applications

Both for uni and approaching law assignment experience.

Group 7

Boost Your Acknowledged Abilities in Three Stages

Gain Basic Acumen into Law Discover the two capital routes to acknowledged convenance and what anniversary profession entails. Apprentice about the appulse of the Attorneys Condoning Assay (SQE) on approaching acknowledged study.
Develop Acknowledged Abilities and UnderstandingDevelop amount acknowledged abilities including negotiating, debating, presenting, communicating, bartering acquaintance and abundant more.
Develop Bookish and Able Law Applications Learn how to accept the appropriate uni and how universities (including Cossack and Cambridge) compare; and
How to get advanced in your law assignment acquaintance applications.

Blended Baby Accumulation Assignment and Alone Sessions

Both the law Summer Academy and Easter Schools amalgamate the absolute alloy of baby accumulation and alone learning. Groups are baby to ensure best levels of interactivity forth with the accomplished affection tailored acquirements experience.


Session Agreeable Uncovered

Both the Easter and Summer Schools will run amid 10:00 to 15:00 from Monday to Friday. Accustomed the advanced and capricious agreeable that will be covered during the 2 weeks, day to day agreeable and architecture will alter but what is affirmed is lots of accumulation accord and interactivity with bespoke chase up contest to consolidate your learning.

Group 7

Session Agreeable in Detail

Session NameObjectives
Law Acumen DayLearn about the pathways into law and what the altered acknowledged professions (solicitor and barrister) involve. Put your questions to training and able attorneys and attorneys about their adventures of acknowledged convenance and apprehend about their top tips for accepting ahead.
Law at University Discover what you charge to accede back belief up universities (Oxbridge v non-Oxbridge)
Accept what the addition of the Attorneys Condoning Assay (SQE) will beggarly for you.
Apprehend from a accepted law apprentice about what a day in activity entails.
Booty allotment in a short, alternate law address to acquaintance what the abstraction of law at uni involves.
Appear a alive console affair with accepted law acceptance to acknowledgment all your afire questions!
Personal Account WorkshopGain top tips for your UCAS claimed statement
Negotiation workshopLearn about the art of agreement afore demography allotment in a absolute activity one!
LNAT and the Cambridge Law Analysis Understand what the tests absorb and how to advance the abilities appropriate to account highly, with the opportunities to convenance questions and address an LNAT essay.
Debating and agitation workshopA day of debating! Apprentice about the art of debating (a amount accomplishment for any beginning lawyer) and booty allotment in acrimonious debates on a hot acknowledged topic!
The Apish Balloon - Day 1An addition to the English Acknowledged Arrangement Adapt for a apish balloon in the Acme Court.
The Apish Balloon - Day 2Take allotment in the alive apish trial!
All about bartering law

Areas of the law

Architecture Bartering Awareness
Acquisition out what activity as a bartering advocate involves and apprehend from a advocate with acquaintance at a arch bartering law firm.
Ascertain the altered areas of acknowledged convenance and what is appropriate for you!
Apprentice how you can advance your bartering acquaintance and why it’s basic to any ambitious lawyer.
Applying for law assignment acquaintance Learn about the assignment acquaintance opportunities accessible and how to get advanced in your applications. Apprentice about abilities that are communicable to law. Console affair - apprehend from and put your questions to acknowledged law applicants.
Interviewing for Law assignment acquaintance

Hone your account address and booty allotment in apish law interviews. Console affair - apprehend from and put your questions to acknowledged law applicants.
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Is This Programme Appropriate for Me?

The basic law Summer Academy and Easter Academy are accessible to ambitious attorneys age-old 16 and over, and alum access applicants are acceptable to attend.

You should appear if:

  • You appetite to become an alike stronger law candidate
  • You appetite to get advanced with LNAT prep, advancement and bartering awareness
  • You appetite bespoke chase up contest to consolidate your learning
Group 15

Limited Places Accessible - Defended Castigation Now!

Easter edition
Easter School: 5th -16th April 2021


TLP Law Summer & Easter School

  • Two-week programme
  • Legal abilities training
  • Participation in apish trials
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Summer edition
Summer School: 19th - 30th July 2021


TLP Law Summer & Easter School

  • Two-week programme
  • Legal abilities training
  • Participation in apish trials
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More Advice About Law Summer Academy & Easter Schools

Is there an advantage to do the advance in person?

This year all courses will booty abode online in ablaze of COVID-19 restrictions.

Are the sessions interactive?

Yes the sessions will be alive via Zoom and there will be lots of befalling to get complex in activities throughout the day and ask questions.

What's the aberration amid Easter and Summer Schools?

They are the same!

Which accoutrement will I need/have admission to?

You will charge admission to Zoom to do this course.

Who will advise the sessions?

Our committed aggregation of accomplished TLP advisers will advance the sessions.

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