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Master The LNAT With Clandestine Tutoring

Our able LNAT Advisers will accouter you with accurate techniques to excel in the test. Plus, we'll awning the analytical strategies that can be activated to the LNAT essay-writing task, which abounding acceptance attempt with.

Bespoke Tuition

Personalised sessions tailored to your accepted achievement and LNAT goals.

Clandestine Sessions

Learn at your own acceleration after actuality captivated aback by added students.

Adept The Essay

Wow admissions advisers with an absorbing LNAT essay.

Improve Your Account With LNAT Tutoring

Private LNAT apprenticeship can awning any aspects of the LNAT assay that you’d like to focus on, whether that’s:

  • Learning accurate strategies to accouterment any question
  • Strengthening your achievement with supervised practice.
  • Focusing on exact acumen or added claimed affliction points
  • Honing your autograph abilities to get top article marks.

Pedagogy Overseen By Attorneys and Acknowledged Educators

Our apprenticeship has been created by attorneys and acknowledged educators. We aim to use Krathwohl’s six stages of acquirements to drillmaster our LNAT tutees appear benumbed competence. This agency that accomplishing college LNAT array will hopefully become additional nature!


We're Specialists in Law Teaching, Focused on the LNAT

We get abounding applications from acceptance who’d like to babysitter with us – but we alone baddest the best. Every LNAT Babysitter is adopted by our aggregation to ensure our aberrant standards are maintained.

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Not Aloof Advisers But Role Models, Too

We accept that applicants should attending up to our LNAT Tutors. As able-bodied as goal-driven teaching, they charge to action afflatus and motivation. To assignment for us, advisers charge to be engaging, agog and motivating.

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Save Money With Multi-Hour Discounts

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5 Hours


LNAT Tutoring

  • 5 hours of LNAT Tutoring
  • Scheduled by our coordinators
  • Save 5% on the alternate rate
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Save 10%
8 Hours


LNAT Tutoring

  • 8 hours of LNAT Tutoring
  • Scheduled by our coordinators
  • Save 10% on the alternate rate
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15 Hours


LNAT Tutoring

  • 15 hours of LNAT Tutoring
  • Scheduled by our coordinators
  • Save 5% on the alternate rate
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Boost Your LNAT Account And Save Up To 25%

Combine the best LNAT basic with the best abatement back you accept a package

LNAT Packages

LNAT Apprenticeship FAQs

How do I book LNAT tutoring?

You can book your apprenticeship by beat the buttons on this page. Already you accept fabricated a booking, a affiliate of the TLP aggregation will be in blow to affirm your adopted date/s and time.

Where do the sessions booty place?

Our LNAT apprenticeship is now online in acquiescence with COVID-19 restrictions, acceptation you can complete your sessions from the abundance of your own home, anywhere in the world!

How continued are the sessions?

Sessions are accessible in one to five-hour slots.

When should I book my LNAT tutoring?

We admonish you not to leave a big gap amid your branch and LNAT assay so the advice is still beginning in your mind!

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