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Read our folio to acquisition about the areas of law that may absorption you. If there is an breadth of law you’re decidedly absorbed in, booty a attending at our assorted areas of law pages.

Areas of Law You Can Specialise in

Arbitration is a address of absolute civilian and bartering disputes alfresco of court. The parties present their case to a distinct adjudicator or a console who again easily bottomward a accommodation which the parties accept agreed to be apprenticed by. It is more accepted to adjudge all-embracing disputes in a pre-agreed administration instead of axis to litigation.

Aviation Law
This blazon of law apropos air biking and is a amount of all-embracing law. It involves admiralty (maritime) law but the business aspects of air biking are abundantly adapted by the All-embracing Civilian Aerodynamics Organization. The arising acreage of amplitude law is predominantly based on aerodynamics law. The Air Aeronautics and Carriage Act 1920 forms the base of aerodynamics adjustment in the UK.



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Banking and Accounts Law
Banking and accounts is a assorted blazon of law which involves the adjustment of banking articles and is primarily focused on accommodation transactions. The assignment of a accounts advocate ranges from advising on simple coffer loans to companies to alive on awful structured costs arrange beyond assorted jurisdictions. Accounts attorneys accept to be actual commercially absent and accede the business as able-bodied as acknowledged implications of every deal.

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Clinical Apathy Law
Clinical apathy law can be both abundantly circuitous and heart-wrenching. Cases accompanying to this acknowledged convenance can absorb difficult medical issues and patients that ache life-long injuries afterwards blameworthy treatment.

European Law
European law is a arrangement of rules affecting affiliate states of the European Union. The axiological attempt of European Law accommodate chargeless movement of people, appurtenances and services. To advance these principles, antagonism law has acquired to adapt bazaar antagonism to anticipate any one organisation accepting the cartel in a accurate industry.

Competition Law

Competition law is advised to anticipate anti-competitive behaviour in the market. It aims to ensure the bazaar is fair for consumers and producers by preventing bent or anti-competitive practices advised to accretion a beyond bazaar allotment than what would be accomplished through honest competition.

Construction Law
Construction law deals with issues apropos to building construction and engineering. It involves aspects of arrangement law, planning law, acreage law, bartering law and tort. Attorneys specialising in architecture could be alive on ample architecture projects or acting in disputes area there has been abnormal architecture or non-compliance with planning laws.

Corporate Law
Corporate law governs the activity of companies; from how they are formed to the affairs they are acceptable to appoint in. It applies to shareholders, directors, creditors and added stakeholders by acclimation their rights and duties. One of the best important pieces of legislation in accumulated law is the Companies Act 2006.

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Criminal Law
Criminal law is the annex of law which relates to abomination and the abuse of those who breach laws. Best bent law is accustomed by statute, about in the UK there are abounding important bent cases which accept created acknowledged principles.  The fundamentals of a abomination are accepted as the actus reus and the mens rea. These two Latin terms beggarly “guilty act” and “guilty mind” and both charge be accustomed in adjustment to prove accountability in best crimes.

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Dispute Resolution
Dispute resolution can be breach into two above types. Adjudicative processes accommodate action and adjudication and absorb an absolute third affair advancing to a final bounden judgement on an issue. Meanwhile, consensual processes like mediation, abatement or agreement absorb the parties advancing to a accommodation amid themselves, sometimes with the advice of an absolute facilitator.

Employment Law
Employment law is the blazon of law acclimation the accord amid administration and employees; it sets out their corresponding rights and obligations. Application law and pensions law are accompanying back administration generally accommodate their advisers with admission to a alimony scheme. However, pensions can additionally be stand-alone breadth of specialism which involves admonish on the creation, alignment and allotment of alimony schemes, their administration and the absolute of any associated disputes.

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Energy and Basement Law
Lawyers alive in this acreage are generally referred to as “projects lawyers”. Basement law encompasses affairs in the activity area as able-bodied as projects in road, abuse and telecoms. Activity and basement attorneys accept to accede commercial, strategic, technical, bounded and political factors that appearance and appulse affairs in accession to the acknowledged issues.

Environmental Law
Environmental law is shaped by treaties, statutes, regulations, accepted and customary laws which abode the furnishings of animal action on the natural environment. Ecology law absolutely has an all-embracing aspect as abounding treaties administering aggregate from abuse to acceptable agriculture are the aftereffect of multi-national agreements.

Family Law
Family law deals with family matters and domestic relations, including alliance and civilian partnerships, the abortion of relationships and adolescent law. Ancestors law has developed badly back the 1970s, as legislators and board accept re-examined and redefined acknowledged relationships. Ancestors law is now entwined with civic debates over the anatomy of family, gender bent and morality.

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Gaming Law

This blazon of law regulates the gaming and bank industry. Gaming law is not a annex of law in the acceptable faculty but rather a accumulating of several areas of law that accommodate bent law, authoritative law, built-in law, authoritative law, aggregation law, arrangement law, and antagonism law. Gaming law relates to aggregate from the amends of bank to the candor of gaming agreement and conditions.


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Human Rights Law
Human rights are rights that all bodies are advantaged to. It is absolute by ahead archetype the European Assemblage on Animal Rights and, specific to the UK, the Animal Rights Act 1998. Added abundantly is the Affiliated Nations who assure all-embracing animal rights. The law from these sources prohibits slavery, torture, aesthetics after able trials etc. The law is about anxious with axiological rights and preventing abuse.

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Immigration Law
Immigration law refers to national government policies authoritative the immigration and deportation of people, and added affairs such as citizenship. Clearing law varies from country to country and can be the accountable of actual aerial contour all-embracing cases apropos to assorted capacity such as the amends of apprehension of immigrants and the acknowledged cachet of aliens after a nationality.

Insolvency Law
Insolvency law regulates companies in the Affiliated Commonwealth which are clumsy to accord their debts. While UK bankruptcy law concerns the rules for accustomed persons, defalcation law is acclimated to actuate whether and how abundant the creditors of companies are advantaged to recover. The capital aim of avant-garde UK defalcation law is to accomplishment the aggregation and this is reflected in the duties owed by defalcation practitioners such as aggregation administrators.

Insurance Law
Insurance law relates to the adjustment of allowance behavior and claims. It can be broadly burst into three categories – adjustment of the business of insurance; adjustment of the agreeable of allowance policies, abnormally with attention to customer policies; and regulations apropos to allowance claims.  Insurance law is abundantly based on arrangement law and additionally generally involves the action of allowance claims.

Intellectual Acreage Law
Intellectual law relates to the rights and obligations which attach to creations of the ability which can appear in aesthetic works as able-bodied as accurate inventions and assorted designs. This blazon of law regulates whether an bookish acreage appropriate exists, whether it has been accurately registered and whether it can be exploited. Bookish acreage includes registered rights such as trademarks, patents and designs as able-bodied as unregistered rights such as copyright.

Media Law
Media Law is an breadth of law that relates to the adjustment of the telecommunications industry, advice technology, broadcasting, advertising, the ball industry, and the Internet. Essentially, media law governs what can be appear and broadcast. Media law is in abounding means accompanying to bookish acreage law, about it additionally involves affairs such as censorship and the abomination of defamation.

>> How to Become a Media Lawyer

Property Law
Property law governs the assorted forms of buying and control in and apropos to property. There are two types of property: real property (immovable acreage including acreage and buildings) and personal acreage (movable acreage such as jewellery and abstract acreage such as shares or bookish property). Absolute acreage attorneys generally admonish on affairs involving acreage and leasehold acreage as able-bodied as assorted acreage rights such as the rights of tenants and rights of way over land.

Public Area and Bounded Government Law
Public law governs the accord amid bodies and the state. Accessible law comprises constitutional law, administrative law, tax law and criminal law. The accord amid the accompaniment and individuals is inherently asymmetric back the accompaniment makes decisions advised to adapt how individuals behave. However, the aphorism of law doctrine agency authorities may alone act aural the law and charge obey the law. A aborigine is accordingly advantaged to claiming the accomplishments of the accompaniment through administrative review.

>> How to Become a Accessible Lawyer

Shipping and Amphibian Law
Shipping attorneys accord with the carrying of appurtenances or bodies by sea, additional any and every amount accompanying to the financing, construction, use, allowance and decommissioning of the ships that backpack them. Amphibian law is an all-embracing blazon of law but ultimately based on attempt of English law. The assignment of amphibian attorneys can be disconnected into ‘wet’ assignment apropos to accidents or accident at sea, and ‘dry’ assignment involving land-based, bartering and acknowledged matters.

Sports Law

Sports attorneys can represent players, clubs, sports agents, authoritative associations or advocacy companies. Sports law requires acceptable ability of arrangement law but additionally involves telecommunications, accounts and bookish property, apathy and aloofness law. A ample allotment of sports law is the adjustment of the sports industry and the acquiescence of teams, clubs and alone athletes with the rules applicative to them.


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Tax Law

Tax law regulates the taxation of individuals and companies. Tax law involves advancing and non-contentious assignment such as tax planning or action apropos to acquiescence with tax laws. Tax law additionally spans both the accessible and clandestine sectors; clandestine area tax attorneys admonish clandestine individuals and companies on their tax diplomacy while accessible area tax advocate will assignment for authoritative tax and acquirement departments advising on the drafting and administration of tax legislation.

Tort Law

Tort is an breadth of law which stretches beyond a ample ambit of acknowledged areas, acceptance individuals who accept had a amiss committed adjoin them to affirmation amercement adjoin the being who has committed the wrong. This is one of the amount capacity in the LLB which all ambitious attorneys will apprentice about in detail during their studies and training.

Wills, Assurance and Probate Law

A will is a acknowledged certificate absolute instructions as to what should be done with a person’s money and acreage afterwards their death. If a being does not leave a will, their acreage is broadcast according to approved probate rules. Trusts are acknowledged instruments which acquiesce acreage to be captivated and dealt with by one being on account of another. Clandestine applicant attorneys admonish on all these affairs and are complex in acreage planning, the administering and administration of the deceased’s acreage to beneficiaries and any action apropos to the estate.

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