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Thinking about becoming a barrister and appetite to apperceive about the abstruse basic of bar training? Ahead referred to as the Bar Able Training Advance (BPTC), the abstruse basic will accommodate altered courses from September 2020 and will adapt you for your final date of training, pupillage.

What is the Abstruse Basic of Bar Training? (Previously the BPTC)?

The abstruse basic of bar training is a postgraduate course. It is advised to adapt you for pupillage and barrister practice through the teaching of advocacy, bent and civilian litigation, sentencing, affirmation and able ethics. The advance additionally allows you to accept constituent modules to attenuated your ability to a acreage you achievement to practise in as a qualified barrister.

The abstruse basic will alter the Bar Able Training Advance (BPTC) in September 2020, and there will be several altered means in which you can abstraction for this:

Three-step pathway – Academic, followed by vocational, followed by pupillage or work-based component. This alleyway is the aforementioned as the antecedent pathway, which would commonly abide of a law amount (or non-law amount with the GDL), the new agnate of the Bar Able Training Course (BPTC), and pupillage.

Four-step pathway – Bookish component, followed by abstruse basic in two parts, followed by pupillage or work-based component. This alleyway consists of a law amount (or non-law amount with the GDL). This is again followed by the abstruse basic in two genitalia and pupillage or work-based component.

Integrated pathway – Accumulated bookish and abstruse apparatus followed by pupillage or work-based component.

Combined academic, abstruse and pupillage or work-based components. AMUSE NOTE: This alleyway will not be accessible by 2020, and it may booty several years or added for apprenticeship/modular models of training to become available.


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Check out which firms action mini pupillages and acquisition out back you charge to administer by!

Mini Pupillage Deadlines

Who Can Administer for the Abstruse Basic of Bar Training?

You can administer for the abstruse basic if you are ambitious to be a barrister and have:

How Continued is the Abstruse Component?

The new abstruse pathways are added adjustable than what was ahead available. The full-time advance about involves three to four abounding canicule of teaching a week, with the part-time another consisting of two black sessions a anniversary – for example, 6pm to 9pm.

Depending on your circumstances, there can be advantages to selecting either option. Part-time programmes may be decidedly ambrosial to those adulatory to assignment abounding or part-time or those adulatory to accretion some applied acknowledged acquaintance whilst they study.

What Does the Abstruse Basic Involve?

The courses accessible aim to adapt you for pupillage and beyond, with accurate accent on developing advancement skills. Such abilities are basic if you appetite to become a barrister.

Musch like the BPTC, the courses are advised to accouter you with the abilities all-important to:

  • Represent audience in court
  • Prepare abstracts and presentations for cloister hearings
  • Advise clients
  • Understand how the English acknowledged arrangement works
  • Determine which formalities and courts are accordant to which cases

The amount modules are the aforementioned as the BPTC’s and include:

  • Evidence
  • Criminal and Civilian Litigation
  • Sentencing
  • Professional Ethics
  • Advocacy

In addition, you can specialise in accurate fields of law in your called modules. For example:

  • Company Law
  • Commercial Law
  • Advanced Bent Litigation
  • Fraud and Bread-and-butter Crime
  • Family Law
  • Employment Law

It is a acceptable idea, if possible, to accept modules based on the breadth of convenance you may ambition to access as a qualified barrister.

Note: you cannot commence pupillage or activate control in accommodation until you accept anesthetized the course.

How Abundant Does the Abstruse Basic of Bar Training Cost?

The costs alpha from about £13,000 and go up to £19,000, after demography into annual active and biking expenses. 

Where Can I Abstraction the Abstruse Basic of Bar Training?

Several UK institutions that accept ahead run the BPTC now action the new abstruse component. Some based in London accommodate BPP, City University and the University of Law and others are based in Nottingham, Cardiff, Manchester, Birmingham, Bristol, Leeds and Newcastle.

For a abounding account of institutions, use our Course Allegory Table.

Becoming a advocate with BPP from BPP on Vimeo.

What are the Access Requirements?

Before you can arise the abstruse basic of bar training, you must:

  • Obtain, as a minimum, a lower additional chic honours (2:2) in a Available of Laws degree, or a 2:2 in a non-law amount and a canyon on the Graduate Authority in Law (GDL). Note, however, that back applying for pupillage Accommodation are acceptable to attending added agreeably aloft acceptance who accept accomplished a 2:1 or college at amount akin and acclamation or acumen at GDL level.
  • Join one of the Inns of Court. The borderline for abutting is 12 weeks afore your abstruse component is due to commence.

What Does the Abstruse Basic of Bar Training Appliance Action Involve?

Under the antecedent system, you had to administer for the BPTC through the Bar Apprentice Appliance Account (BarSAS). Now, you charge administer for the abstruse basic anon through your institution(s) of choice. some institutions accept rolling deadlines, while others’ will be fixed.

Is There Any Allotment Available?

It’s a acceptable abstraction to attending into scholarships that are offered to financially abutment your course. The Inns of Courts have scholarship programs, which you can administer to for a scholarship award-winning that helps accounts your studies. Booty a attending at the alone Inns websites to acquisition out more.

The institutions themselves usually accept scholarship programmes too, so there’s annihilation to lose by sending in applications for both.

The Abstruse Basic and Pupillage

It is important to agenda that commutual the abstruse basic (previously the BPTC) does not automatically agreement pupillage. Accepting pupillage is a aggressive business with beneath pupillage places than acceptance admission from the abstruse component. Afore committing ample amounts of time and money to accompany this route,  it is important to anticipate actual anxiously about whether you accept what it takes to go all the way and authorize as a barrister.

Step-by-Step Abstruse Basic Appliance Guide*

Step 1 – Be on clue to complete either a:

Step 2 – Research vocational basic providers (use our Course Allegory Table to advice get you started)

Step 3 – Administer through your adopted institution(s)

Step 4 – Accompany one of the  Inns of Court, and administer for any accordant scholarships

Step 5 – Sit the Bar Advance Bent Analysis (BCAT) during the summer above-mentioned admission of the course

Step 6 – Appear any interview/assessment canicule the assorted providers’ request

Step 7 – Activate the vocational component!

*Alongside this process, it is important to abide architecture your acknowledged assignment acquaintance through mini pupillages, mooting, cloister visits and adjudicator marshalling. It is additionally important to administer for pupillage if you are yet to defended one.

Mini Pupillage Deadlines

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