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There are several courses accessible to ambitious accountant acknowledged executives, depending on what date you are at in your education. On this page, you’ll acquisition out which you charge to take.

CILEx Akin 3 Able Authority in Law and Practice

For academy leavers, the CILEx Akin 3 Able Authority in Law and Convenance is the aboriginal of the CILEx courses you will undertake on your aisle to accomplishment as a accountant acknowledged executive. You can complete it afterwards your GCSEs or A-Levels.

This two-year CILEx advance offers a broad, applied addition to law and acknowledged practice. During your study, you’ll apprentice about key areas of the law.

It’s fabricated up of 10 units. Seven are compulsatory and three are called by the student. The compulsatory units are as follows:

  • An Addition to Law and Practice
  • Contract Law
  • Criminal Law
  • Land Law
  • Law of Tort
  • Client Affliction Skills
  • Legal Analysis Skills

Below are some of the alternative units on offer. You charge accept at atomic two convenance units while the third assemblage can be either a law or a convenance unit.

  • Employment Law
  • Family Law
  • Law of Wills and Succession
  • Civil Action Practice
  • Criminal Action Practice
  • Conveyancing Practice
  • The Convenance of Ancestors Law

Check the CILEx website for a abounding account of units.


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CILEx Akin 6 Authority in Law and Practice

This is the abutting akin up of the CILEx Courses. It is the final bookish date appear condoning as a accountant acknowledged executive. You can abstraction this at your own pace, but the accomplishment commonly takes about two years to complete.

Building on the CILEx Akin 3 Authority in Law and Convenance (above), acceptance are appropriate to authenticate a abundant compassionate of the law and convenance in three specific areas, such as:

  • Company and Affiliation Law
  • Contract Law
  • Criminal Law
  • Employment Law
  • Equity and Trusts
  • EU Law
  • Family Law
  • Immigration law

Plus abounding more.

For one of these law areas, the applicant charge additionally authenticate a complete applied compassionate of the acknowledged ‘practice’ that arises from the law, including:

  • Civil Action Convenance (linked to Arrangement Law or Abomination Law)
  • The Convenance of Aggregation Law and Affiliation Law (linked to Aggregation Law and Affiliation Law)
  • Conveyancing Convenance (linked to Acreage Law)
  • Criminal Action Convenance (linked to Bent Law)
  • The Convenance of Application Law (linked to Application Law)

The applicant charge additionally authenticate the appropriate akin of basement able acknowledged abilities by adventure two binding able abilities units, including Applicant Affliction Abilities and Acknowledged Analysis Skills.

In summary, to canyon the akin 6 CILEx course, you charge complete:

  • One ‘practice’ assemblage additional its affiliated law unit
  • Any added two law units
  • Both able abilities units.

Graduate Fast Clue Authority (CILEx Akin 6 Authority in Acknowledged Practice)

This CILEx advance is for law amount and Alum Authority in Law (GDL) graduates. It allows acceptance to skip the cher LPC and BPTC courses and become acknowledged professionals after accepting to defended a aggressive training arrangement or pupillage.

The accomplishment comprises two CILEx Akin 6 convenance subjects, listed aloft (one of which charge chronicle to a accountable you advised aural your law amount or GDL), and the CILEx Akin 6 Applicant Affliction Abilities unit.
Graduate Fast Clue Authority CILEx courses are on action on a abounding time, part-time or ambit acquirements basis. This gives you the adventitious to body up legal assignment experience alongside your abstraction which can be counted appear condoning application and advance to your CILEx Acquaintance membership.

Chartered acknowledged controlling attorneys can now become judges, coroners, advocates and ally in law firms. There’s additionally an befalling to move from accountant acknowledged controlling to adviser if you choose.

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