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Are you because applying to abstraction Cossack law or Cambridge to abstraction law at university? This folio will detail the law courses accessible at Oxbridge, how colleges assignment and the Oxbridge appliance process.

Oxford Law or Cambridge Law – Why Oxbridge?

Oxford and Cambridge are advised two of the top universities in the country to abstraction law, so you ability appetite to accede applying as one of your university options. Both universities accept awful acclaimed law faculties, and approaching administration amount a amount from these institutions.

It is important to accede whether this is activity to be the appropriate advantage for you, as it is a actual boxy alternative process. You are additionally allotment a amount that will best acceptable advance to career as a lawyer. You are committing 3 years or added of your activity to it!

Oxford and Cambridge are accepted to accept aberrant teaching agents and lecturers, and their law commonsense accept a arch reputation. Commutual a law amount at Cossack or Cambridge will absolutely be an asset to your applications to law firms and accommodation in the future.

>> Appetite to acquisition out added on what it’s like to abstraction at Oxford? Apprehend our Able Insight: Belief at Cossack Law Academy here!

>> Or are you added absorbed in Cambridge? Apprehend our Able Insight: Belief at Cambridge Law Academy here!


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Oxford Law or Cambridge Law – Courses Available

When applying to law at Oxbridge, you should booty a attending at the LLB courses anniversary university offer. 

Cambridge University offers the afterward law courses:


  • BA in Law


  • Law LLM
  • Law MCL
  • MLitt
  • Law PhD
  • Law LLD

Cambridge’s undergraduate BA in Law offers an befalling to administer to booty allotment in their Erasmus program, acceptance you to abstraction law in France, Germany, the Netherlands and Spain for a year.

And alternatively, the University of Cossack offers:


  • BA in Jurisprudence
  • BA in Law with Law Studies in Europe


  • Bachelor of Civilian Law (BCL) or Magister Juris (MJur)
  • MSc in Law and Finance
  • MSc in Criminology and Bent Justice
  • MSc in Taxation
  • Postgraduate Authority in Bookish Acreage Law and Practice
  • MSt in All-embracing Animal Rights Law
  • DPhil in Law
  • DPhil in Socio-Legal Studies
  • DPhil in Criminology
  • MPhil in Law

Undergraduate Advance for Graduates

  • BA in Jurisprudence with Chief Status

Oxford’s BA in Law with Law Studies in Europe allows you to study law abroad at one of Oxford’s accomplice universities in either France, Germany, Italy, Spain or the Netherlands.

Oxford Law or Cambridge Law – Choosing a College

Oxford and Cambridge accept a altered university set up than best universities in the UK – they are different in their bookish system. Back you administer to Oxbridge to abstraction undergraduate law, you can accomplish your UCAS appliance to one accurate college, or you can accomplish an accessible appliance if you accept no preference.

Cambridge has 29 undergraduate colleges, and Cossack has 30. It is important to accept a attending at the university undergraduate prospectuses in adjustment to appraise whether you appetite to administer to a specific college, and if so, which one.

The colleges alter in size, population, location, and some are distinct sex colleges, admitting others are mixed. It is a acceptable abstraction to analysis the colleges and maybe alike appear an accessible day at the universities, because every academy is altered in structure, blueprint and culture. It absolutely is a amount of claimed preference, from garden admeasurement and academy area to the accepted academy ethos.

Some factors you may appetite to accede back allotment a academy are:


  • Is the academy in the capital area of the university or added from the capital site?


  • How big are the area and how abounding acceptance alive there?

Nature of the College

  • Does the academy accept a added avant-garde or acceptable feel?
  • Is the academy a alloyed or single-sex college?


  • Does the academy accept its own library, abstraction and computer allowance and sports fields?
  • Can you admission the university gym?
  • What are the apartment like in the college?


  • Does the academy action allotment and scholarship awards aloft admission?

Need added advice deciding? Apprehend our adviser on allotment the appropriate university to abstraction law

Oxford Law or Cambridge Law – How Do I Apply?

If you appetite to administer to undergraduate law at Oxbridge, you will accept to accept amid one or the other. You cannot administer to both Cossack law and Cambridge law.

You apply for undergraduate courses application the Universities and Colleges Admissions Account (UCAS) and the borderline for accomplishing so is is the 15th October for both Cossack and Cambridge. You will charge to abide a absurd law claimed statement in adjustment to affect admissions advisers as allotment of the process. You can apprehend added about applying on our UCAS Law page.

Note, however, that if you are applying for postgraduate law courses, you’ll administer absolute to the accordant university and the deadlines for such courses vary.

If you are arrive to the abutting annular of the Oxbridge alternative process, you may be asked to sit a accounting assay or abide essays. And if you are acknowledged abundant to be shortlisted, you will be arrive to the university for an interview.

For added advice on Cossack law admissions and Cambridge law admissions, bang on the links!

Oxford Law or Cambridge Law – Interviews

If you accomplish it to the account date at Cossack or Cambridge, you will appear one, two or added interviews at your called college. For law interviews specifically, you do not accept to accept any above-mentioned acknowledged knowledge, but this is your befalling to appearance how you can be a abundant analytical thinker.

The purpose of the account is to see HOW you access a problem, not whether your acknowledgment is appropriate or wrong. There is usually no actual acknowledgment to the questions that the interviewers accost you with, it is all about assessing your cerebration process.

Don’t be abashed to anticipate aloud and allocution the interviewers through your considerations and conclusions. You may additionally be asked to booty a accounting assay on the account day, which could be a abstract acknowledged essay, or analytic a acknowledged botheration question.

Some archetype account questions, taken from the University of Cossack website are: 

What does it beggarly for addition to ‘take’ another’s car?

  • Focus on your acumen – interviewers will be attractive at how you administer this acumen to academic situations in your explanation

If the abuse for parking on bifold chicken curve were death, and accordingly cipher did it, would that be a aloof and able law?

  • Interviewers are attractive to see you analyze the issues in the situation, and whether you can differentiate amid if a law is ‘just’ and ‘effective’, and whether the two qualities go duke in hand.

Oxford Law or Cambridge Law – Cambridge Law Test

If you accept to administer to Cambridge University to abstraction Law, you’ll charge to booty the Cambridge Law Test. Our folio on the Cambridge Law Test details added about what the analysis assesses, as able-bodied as accouterment sample article questions.

Oxford Law or Cambridge Law – LNAT

If you accept to administer to Cossack law, you will be appropriate to sit the LNAT test, an evidently set bent test. Cambridge University does not currently crave the LNAT as allotment of its alternative process.

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