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Completing a mini pupillage gives you a basic acumen into the advocate profession and a feel for the assignment ethic, ability and appearance of a accurate chambers.

What Is a Mini Pupillage?

A mini pupillage is a abbreviate assignment acquaintance adjustment that involves shadowing a barrister, possibly with the advantage of accessory hearings in court. The breadth of a mini pupillage can alter from one day to two weeks. Typically, they run for three to four days.


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Why Complete a Mini Pupillage?

Not alone does a pupillage accord you an acumen into the profession, it additionally gives you the befalling to leave a absolute consequence on the chambers. This is acute if you are because applying for a pupillage. If the accommodation see your abeyant as a advantageous and motivated mini adherent they’re acceptable to attending favourably on your pupillage appliance afterwards.

Mini pupillages are additionally advantageous in that that they accredit you to:

  • Determine whether a career at the Bar is appropriate for you
  • Gain acumen into the specific convenance areas of a advocate (for example, bent or bartering practice) and what is appropriate for you
  • Broaden your arrangement and accomplish basic contacts with accomplished barristers
  • Obtain effective acknowledgment on assorted tasks performed forth with your all-embracing performance
  • Move advanced and administer for pupillage at the accommodation in catechism (for some accommodation a mini pupillage is a prerequisite to applying for pupillage.)
  • Demonstrate your adherence to advancing a career at the Bar

What to Apprehend From a Mini Pupillage

Typical duties whilst adventure a mini pupillage may include:

  • Attending conferences and affairs with audience and solicitors
  • Observing attorneys in court
  • Reviewing any accordant paperwork (bundles and abstract skeleton arguments etc) apropos to a barrister’s caseload
  • Completing authoritative based tasks
  • Carrying out acknowledged research
  • Drafting abstracts such as emails and letters
  • Attending any chamber’s amusing events, if invited

The exact anatomy of any mini pupillage is difficult to adumbrate and, to a ample extent, will be dictated by the caseload of the advocate you are shadowing. For example, if they are decidedly busy, your tasks may be absolutely assorted and exciting, but if they are beneath busy, it may be added arduous to acquisition tasks you can get complex with.

Some mini pupillages may apprehend you to booty a abbreviate appraisal at the end, possibly as a arbitrary analysis of what you accept abstruse over your acquaintance at the chambers, admitting others may artlessly apprehend feedback.

What Does a Mini Pupillage Appliance Involve?

Applications for mini pupillage are usually fabricated by way of either:

  • A CV and accoutrement letter; or
  • an appliance form.

Either way, it is important to appointment the websites of your ambition accommodation for exact appliance details. If it is not bright from the website, you could accord the accommodation a alarm to acquisition out more.

If you are appropriate to complete an appliance form, you may be appropriate to explain to the chambers:

  • Why you appetite to undertake a mini pupillage
  • Why you accept called the accurate chambers
  • Which aspects of actuality a advocate address to you
  • Why you anticipate you would accomplish a acceptable advocate in the future

Take a attending at our Mini Pupillage Applications guide for added advice on applying for mini pupillages

Who Can Administer for Mini Pupillage?

Opportunities to complete mini pupillages afore university are rare. Accommodation are about added absorbed in demography on mini pupils who are:

The Account Process

Once you accept submitted your mini pupillage application, you ability be appropriate to appear an interview. Some accommodation accomplish interviews compulsatory in their alternative process, however, others abject their accommodation alone on your application.

If the column you are applying for is adjourned and has the achievability of arch to pupillage, again an account is likely.

Attending a mini pupillage account is, in abounding respects, agnate to accessory an account for pupillage. We accordingly advance that you booty a attending at our Pupillage Account page for insight.

Will it Advice Me to Defended Pupillage?

In short, yes. Back applying for pupillage, you will be accepted to authenticate at atomic one accordant mini pupillage. Some accommodation will be attractive to see as abounding as three or four on your CV to authenticate charge to the profession and a able admiration to accompany a career at the Bar.

How Abounding Mini Pupillages Should I Complete?

There’s no austere aphorism for how abounding mini pupillages you should complete. Emer Murphy, an accomplished advocate at Wilberforce Accommodation told The Advocate Portal, ‘there is no abracadabra cardinal [of mini pupillages] to do, but I did 4-5 in my accepted convenance area.

By all means, do added in added convenance areas if you wish, but there is no charge to put those bottomward on your application.’

You can apprehend Emer’s abounding case abstraction on Advocate Case Study: Wilberforce Chambers.

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Mini Pupillage Deadlines

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