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If you appetite to accompany a acknowledged career but the university avenue isn’t up your street, a acknowledged apprenticeship is a absurd alternative.

What Are Acknowledged Apprenticeships?

Legal apprenticeships are routes into the acknowledged profession that absorb alive and belief concurrently. They accept been developed by a aerial contour console of law firms. The Attorneys Authoritative Ascendancy (the SRA) and the Accountant Convention of Acknowledged Admiral (CILEx) accept additionally accustomed their ascribe as allotment of a Government action to widen admission and abolish the banking barriers of college education.

As university fees abide to increase, it is anticipation that law apprenticeships will become more popular.

The afterward acknowledged apprenticeships are currently available:

What Do Law Apprenticeships Involve?

Apprentices absorb the majority of their time alive in a law firm. Here, apprentices assignment on developing their skills, commercial awareness and acknowledged ability in a array of altered areas of the law. This ‘work-based learning’ is attenuated with part-time acknowledged study.

Apprentices will be intermittently ‘released’ to an educational academy (which is partnered with their allotment law firm), for about one day a anniversary to apprentice about added abstract aspects of the law. Some abstraction may additionally be agitated out online. Either way, about 20% of the alive anniversary will be taken up by online or offline abstraction of some form.

As a law apprentice, you will be complex in a array of assignment for altered clients. Circadian tasks could include:

  • Drafting accord to clients
  • Attending applicant meetings, demography account as necessary
  • Attending interviews
  • Negotiating and drafting affairs and added acknowledged documents
  • Researching and advertisement aback to supervisors/clients on assorted aspects of the law
  • Preparing for and accessory cloister proceedings
  • Proofreading acknowledged documents
  • Admin tasks including certificate reproduction/management

As allotment of your law apprenticeship, you may additionally accept to advance an abreast portfolio of your assignment with examples of tasks you accept undertaken. This portfolio will ultimately be acclimated as affirmation of the assignment you accept undertaken and the acquaintance you accept acquired back it comes to qualification.


Is a Acknowledged Apprenticeship Appropriate for Me?

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Who Can Administer for Acknowledged Apprenticeships?

The requirements of acknowledged apprenticeships alter depending on which avenue you appetite to take. They additionally depend on the firms allotment the programmes. Best will apprehend applicants to have:

  • At atomic bristles GCSEs at brand A-C / 7-4 (including Maths and English)
  • Three A-levels at brand C and above, some firms apprehend as abundant as ABB

Watch our Q&A with a acknowledged amateur about how to apply, the allowances and accepted advice!

Career Progression

It is accessible to advance from one apprenticeship assimilate the next. So, for example, afterward a paralegal apprenticeship, you could advance assimilate the accountant acknowledged controlling or adviser apprenticeship.

How to Administer for Acknowledged Apprenticeships

Much like with any acknowledged job, the appliance action will alter from close to firm. Some may crave that you abide a CV and cover, while others may accept their own appliance questions you’ll accept to acknowledgment on an online form.

When applying for acknowledged apprenticeships, it’s important to accomplish abiding you clothier your appliance to the specific firm, giving affidavit why you’d be the appropriate fit for anniversary specific firm.

Legal Apprenticeship Salaries

How abundant law apprentices are paid actual abundant depends on the allotment law firm. At the actual minimum, as a 19-year-old alpha an apprenticeship, you’ll acquire £4.15 per hour. However, apprentices can acquire annihilation amid £11,000 and £19,000 additional allowances depending on location, close and akin of apprenticeship. Clashing with the university route, you are not accepted to pay annihilation appear your training or study.

Which Law Firms Action Acknowledged Apprenticeships?

Take a attending at our deadline calendar to see which law firms are currently demography on law apprentices. The agenda not alone sets out appliance deadlines but additionally access requirements, the blazon of apprenticeship actuality offered (solicitor/paralegal etc), bacon capacity and absolute links to appliance forms/processes).
To apprentice added about how top law close Eversheds Sutherland are alms Acknowledged Apprenticeships watch the video below.

Law Apprenticeship Conference

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