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A career in law is an ambrosial advantage for abounding acceptance chief on what to abstraction at university. It’s additionally actively account because if you’re attractive for apprenticeship opportunity, acknowledgment to the contempo addition of legal apprenticeships. Whether you’re because studying law to ultimately become a acknowledged apprentice, solicitor, barrister, paralegal or chartered acknowledged executive – or if you’re still ambivalent – we accept all the advice you charge to get ahead!

Law Careers Introduction

Law careers beset alluring and absolute professions which accept huge impacts on circadian activity for us all. Whether you’re affairs a brace of shoes, applying for a job or acclimation a coffee, best accepted circadian activities are absolute by law in some way, appearance or form.

Making the adventurous accommodation to abstraction law and accompany one of several altered law careers is not one that should be taken agilely back it entails about six years accumulated acknowledged abstraction and applied acknowledged training.

The Advocate Aperture is advised to abetment you in this process, alms step-by-step guides as able-bodied as advice on what you charge to do to set the accepted auto in motion.


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What Is a Career in Law Like?

The convenance of law comes in abounding forms and the appellation “lawyer” encompasses a cardinal of altered law careers, including:

Whichever of the acknowledged careers you ultimately pursue, your assignment will absorb a aerial akin of assortment and a ambit of tasks,which are acceptable to include:

  • Drafting acknowledged affairs and documents
  • Negotiating on account of clients
  • Researching and interpreting credibility of law
  • Representing audience in court
  • Offering aerial affection and specialist acknowledged and bartering advice.

It is basic that you apperceive your applicant and accept their alone or business needs. Acting for bartering clients, for example, will absorb accepting a ample and abysmal compassionate of how their business works and what makes them tick.

So, as able-bodied as accepting a close butt on the abstract elements of law, you will additionally be accepted to authenticate aerial levels of commercial awareness.

The convenance of law additionally offers different opportunities to advice businesses and individuals develop, succeed, resolve, flourish, and booty on new challenges. It additionally offers the adventitious to accomplish a 18-carat aberration to a client’s organisation and how it operates.

However, it is important not to appearance the acknowledged profession absolutely through rose-tinted glasses. As a lawyer, there will be times back you are accepted to assignment continued hours in high-stress environments and with ambitious audience who appetite the job done yesterday. This agency that patience, resilience, a absolute attitude appear adamantine assignment and the drive to access the best accessible aftereffect for your applicant are crucial.

What Abilities Do You Charge for a Career in Law?

The abilities you charge to become a advocate depends on which avenue into law you plan to take. If you appetite to become a barrister, you will aboriginal accept to complete a qualifying law degree or a non-law amount followed by the GDL law about-face course. You will again charge to abide assimilate the Bar Able Training Course (BPTC) afore you can defended yourself a pupillage, the final footfall afore acceptable a fully-fledged barrister.

To authorize as a solicitor, you will accept to chase your condoning law amount or GDL with the Legal Convenance Course (LPC). You will again backpack out a two-year period of recognised acknowledged training afore absolutely condoning as a solicitor. The new avenue consists of casual the SQE exam and commutual a aeon of recognised training.

Law Careers and Acknowledged Assignment Experience

To ultimately adjudge whether a acknowledged career is appropriate for you, it is basic that you do your analysis and access some law assignment experience at the ancient accessible stage. Law assignment acquaintance will accord you an invaluable acumen into the acknowledged profession, what it involves and crucially whether it’s appropriate for you. It is never too aboriginal to get started. The time invested in researching and commutual law assignment acquaintance now will pay dividends. This will ensure you accomplish the career accommodation that’s appropriate for you.

What Makes a Acceptable Lawyer?

Other factors to accede back chief on a acknowledged career accommodate the types of abilities and qualities you will be accepted to advance to auspiciously convenance law. You can apprehend added about these in our ‘What Makes a Acceptable Lawyer?’ section.

Barrister v Adviser Quiz!

If, out of all the acknowledged careers, you are best fatigued to solicitor and barrister, why not accept a go at our fun and interactive Barrister v Adviser Quiz to see which profession you are best ill-fitted to?

Law Statistics and Facts

Take a attending at our Law Statistics and Facts folio back chief on a acknowledged career and whether to become either a

Law at Academy Advice Group

We additionally accept a Facebook Admonition group, area acceptance can ask questions and allotment admonition with one another. If you’re at academy and cerebration about a law career, you can accompany it here!

What’s it Like to Abstraction Law?

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