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The LLM (Master of Laws) is an accomplished way to enhance your employability, deepen your acknowledged ability and advance an expertise.

What Is an LLM?

A Masters of Law degree, frequently beneath to an LLM, is a postgraduate amount in law. It accepted by universities beyond the Affiliated Commonwealth and is internationally recognised by employers.

An important development and progression from a Available of Laws (or an LLB), the LLM allows acceptance to specialise in accurate areas of law. For example, acceptance can adjudge to accretion ability in tax, commercial, employment, ecology and bent law, amidst abounding added fields.

Who Can Do an LLM?

As the LLM is a postgraduate degree, candidates are commonly accepted to acquire completed an undergraduate degree. While abounding universities crave -to-be acceptance to acquire a Available of Laws amount (an LLB), some universities additionally acquire candidates who acquire completed a non-law undergraduate amount provided they authenticate a agog absorption and bent for law.

International acceptance charge accept completed an agnate acknowledged accomplishment in their home administration in adjustment to administer for an LLM course, although again, some universities will acquiesce those who accept a amount accordant to law, like sociology, backroom and some abstract degrees assimilate their programmes.

The accomplishment takes a year abounding time or two years part-time to complete, acceptance both contempo graduates and active attorneys to added their acknowledged education.


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Where Can I Do an LLM?

There are about 100 institutions that accommodate the LLM programme in the UK. Abounding universities do not action the aforementioned specialisms so it is important to analysis what is on action afore applying. Appointment our courses folio to analyze some of the UK’s top LLM universities.

Costs and Funding

While the fees for an LLM advance alter amid institutions beyond the UK, the amount of an LLM about ranges from £6,000 to £15,300 for Home and EU acceptance and £13.980 to £25,000 for all-embracing students.

UK acceptance can administer for a government Masters Accommodation of up to £10,609. Assorted bookish institutions additionally action scholarships to abate the amount of commutual an LLM.

It is important for -to-be candidates to argue the accordant universities for specific fees and scholarship opportunities. Altered institutions may additionally action altered fee ante for ambit acquirements and part-time students.

Why Should I Do an LLM?

Completing a Masters of Law goes above undergraduate akin of ability and allows individuals to emphasise their charge and ability of the law. This is decidedly important in the awful aggressive acreage and helps to access individuals’ employability.

It additionally offers immense networking opportunities through the university’s careers centre, law societies and visiting assembly from altered firms.

while studying, you can additionally booty advantage of internship opportunities accessible to graduates to accretion acquaintance in the industry and advance important acknowledged skills.

How to Apply

Unlike undergraduate degrees that crave an appliance through UCAS, LLM applications are fabricated anon to the institutions either online or through cardboard copies.

Applications accessible in October and abutting by the end of the year or aboriginal bounce the afterward year. As the deadlines vary, it is important to analysis the specific university requirements.

As such, the processes and appropriate affidavit alter beyond institutions. However, candidates are about appropriate to complete:

  • An appliance form,
  • A claimed account account your motivations for applying for the LLM and abilities
  • An bookish (and possibly professional) reference, a (CV)
  • Degree transcripts with a breakdown of bore grades
  • Examples of accounting work

Words: Siobhan Ali

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