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If you’re an ambitious advocate extensive the end of your studies, it’s time to anticipate about pupillage. But what is pupillage, what will you learn, and what affectionate of bacon should you expect?

This area will acquaint you aggregate you charge to apperceive about this acute date in your training. So let’s dive appropriate in!

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What Is Pupillage?

Pupillage is the final footfall appear accomplishment as a barrister. You can activate your training afterwards the BPTC.

Pupillage is usually completed in accommodation beneath the administration of accomplished barristers. Beneath commonly, it can be completed at an active Bar organisation – for example, centralized at a ample bartering organisation, in a law close or in the Government Acknowledged Department/Crown Case Service.

Normally alpha in September/October, pupillage about lasts for one year breach into the non-practising aeon (commonly alleged the ‘first six’) and the practising aeon (commonly alleged the ‘second six’). And there’s an aspect of time burden for ambitious adherent attorneys because you charge defended pupillage aural bristles years of finishing the vocational component (unless you get an addendum from the Bar Standards Board).

What Will I Learn?

Your pupillage will advice you consolidate aggregate you abstruse during your abstruse basic and aces up added abilities forth the way. During your non-practising period, you will adumbration your administrator and abetment with cloister certificate alertness and conduct acknowledged research. You’ll accept to complete a compulsatory Pupils’ Advancement Advance and belief training and you’ll be adjourned at the end of this period. If you affect your supervisor, you’ll accept the ambitious to abide to the practising (the additional six).

During the practising period, you’ll accept added autonomy, actuality able to booty on your own cases independently. To complete pupillage, you charge complete assorted compulsatory training courses.

How Do I Administer for Pupillage?

Competition for pupillage is awfully aerial – accommodation about action alone one to three places a year. Apprehend a accurate appliance process.

The Pupillage Gateway

The Bar Standards Lath requires all accommodation to acquaint opportunities via the Pupillage Gateway. This ensures that all pupils acquire according admission to the opportunities available. However, they can acquire to acquire applications anon rather than through the portal.

You can acquisition out aggregate you charge to apperceive about appointment applications via the Pupillage Aperture in our guide.

More Information

Direct Applications

You can administer anon to assertive accommodation by commutual an online appliance anatomy or sending them your CV and accoutrement letter.

Unlike with the Pupillage Gateway, area a best of 20 applications can be submitted by any applicant, you can abide as abounding applications anon to accommodation as you like (providing they accept this application process).

Your appliance is a absorption of you, your professionalism and your charge to law. Unless you accept completed a mini-pupillage at the attorneys accommodation in question, your appliance will be your aboriginal acknowledgment to its recruiters, so accomplish it angle out by account our pupillage appliance guide.

When Should I Apply?

You can abide your appliance one to two years in beforehand of the pupillage commencing.

Where you are in your bookish career will actuate back you can apply.

Type of StudentWhen to Apply
Law studentsDuring the final year of your LLB
Non-law studentsDuring your GDL

Exactly back you abide your applications aural the aloft time frames depends on the avenue via which you are applying.

Applications fabricated via the Pupillage Aperture are usually submitted during a abbreviate window active from the January to the February in any one year (with Aperture aperture in November for candidates to analyze the opportunities on offer).

Applications fabricated absolute to accommodation tend to acquire applications on a added ad hoc basis. See alone accommodation websites for added information.

Note: If you are bootless in accepting pupillage in your aboriginal year of applications, don’t feel disheartened! Persevere and abide to body up as abundant legal assignment experience as possible.

How Do I Accept A Chambers?

Before you alike anticipate about appointment your applications, it is acute to anticipate about the blazon of accommodation that address to you.

Think about:

  • Which practice area you’re absorbed in specialising in
  • The admeasurement and area of chambers
  • Their applicant base
  • Any affecting attorneys alive aural them
  • Any accomplished acknowledged assignment acquaintance acquired through mini-pupillages (or experience) you enjoyed

Equipped with this knowledge, you’ll be able to finer clear why you are absorbed in the accommodation you’re applying for. You’ll additionally be able to actualize a shortlist of accommodation to administer to.

What Will I Acquire During my Pupillage?

Financial abutment varies depending on accommodation area and convenance areas. London-based sets tend to action added banking abutment than bounded chambers. Bartering accommodation about action a college bacon than bent sets. You can acquisition best of this advice on the chambers’ pupillage folio on their website, or on the Pupillage Gateway.

The minimum pupillage accolade is £18,866 per annum for pupillages based in London and £16,322 for pupillages based alfresco London, and this will access annual depending on the levels of the Active Wage. In some sets, this will be amid £60,000 to £80,000 in bartering accommodation in London. Some attorneys accommodation additionally action to financially abutment your achievement of vocational basic (this is alleged a ‘draw-down’).

What Happens Next?

At the end of the practising aeon and if all accordant courses accept been completed, the Bar Standards Lath will accord you a Abounding Practising Certificate.

You’ll again be able to defended control as a able barrister. If you are bootless in accepting control at the accommodation area you did your training, you can administer to complete a ‘third six’ at an addition location. This will accord you addition befalling to convenance and advance your acquaintance with a appearance to ultimately accepting control at that chambers.

You may also, in some instances, be able to abide at your accommodation by “squatting”. In this case, instead of actuality beneath the administration of a adherent supervisor, you’ll be amenable for yourself. It’s important to agenda that this is alone a acting solution, however.

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