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A pupillage is the final abstruse training date for those adulatory to become practising attorneys in England and Wales. If you are adventure a law amount or a condoning amount with the ambition of advancing a career at the bar, you charge accept how to go about accepting a pupillage afterwards you accept completed your BPTC.

1. Accretion Assignment Experience

Mini Pupillages

Most accommodation apprehend their applicants for pupillages to accept completed a mini pupillage somewhere. A mini pupillage is the advocate agnate of a vacation arrangement or an internship and can aftermost up to a week. It involves shadowing a advocate or attorneys in that accommodation and may or may not be assessed. It’s decidedly benign to do a mini-pupillage at the accommodation you would like to administer to for your pupillage, in fact, some accommodation alone aces their pupils from those who accept undergone mini-pupillages with them.

It’s important to buck in apperception that a mini pupillage does not automatically baptize you to a pupillage. It is absolutely important in these periods of assignment acquaintance to appoint with the accommodation you are visiting, decidedly if you accept an absorption in a pupillage with that chambers. Assignment adamantine and you will be remembered.

Pro Bono Work

A mini pupillage is not the alone admired assignment acquaintance for those adulatory to become adherent barristers. It can additionally be of amount to accretion acquaintance alfresco the bar. Pro bono assignment or volunteering are both advantageous to your CV and a pupillage appellant and generally accessible through your university.

Doing this blazon of advance assignment will additionally advice you specialise your accomplishment set for the blazon of acknowledged convenance breadth you would like to assignment in. For example, if you accept a accurate absorption in family law again do some assignment acquaintance in a ancestors law close or with a children’s charity.

Advocacy Experience

Gaining any array of acquaintance in advocacy can be benign not alone for your all-embracing accomplishment set as a beginning advocate but additionally for your confidence. You can advance advancement abilities in an arrangement of university societies for archetype debating, agitation or accessible speaking.


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2. Accept a Attorneys Chambers

To accept a barrister’s chambers, you accept to accept some abstraction as to what area of law you appetite to pursue. The best basal analysis in accommodation is those operating in commercial law, accepted law and criminal law. Bartering law covers areas such as insurance, insolvency, company law and media law. Accepted law includes property law and laws apropos to claimed abrasion and negligence.

While abounding accommodation account three or four specialisms, some accommodation alone specialise in one breadth and therefore, it is important to booty the affectionate of assignment you appetite to do into consideration.

It is additionally absolutely important, if you can, to try to appraise the atmosphere of the chambers. It’s acute to feel like you fit into the ability of your abeyant assignment environment.

Finally, you should adjudge breadth you would best like to assignment geographically. Whilst abounding accommodation are based in London, this is not the alone breadth you can backpack out your pupillage. The regions alfresco of the basic are advancing with both solicitors’ firms and businesses agog to booty on accomplished barristers.

3. Abide Applications

Applications for pupillages are about fabricated through The Pupillage Aperture which opens to applicants throughout January and the alpha of February. However, alertness for applications can activate as aboriginal as November as this is generally back vacancies are posted. A ample majority of accommodation booty applications this way. Alternatively, some accommodation who are not associates of the aperture will booty applications directly, however, their applications and deadlines will vary, and you will accept to analysis anniversary website for these. You can administer for up to 12 accommodation on the aperture but as abounding non-member accommodation as you like.

The accepted aphorism is that you should administer for a pupillage at atomic a year afore you intend to start. For example, administer in January of one year to activate your pupillage in September of the abutting year.

The best important things to do back commutual your pupillage applications are:

  • Back up all your answers with complete evidence.
  • Tailor anniversary appliance to anniversary alone set you administer for.
  • Tell the accuracy and appearance passion.

4. Appear Pupillage Interviews

Barristers accommodation will activate to authority interviews for pupillages in February and April and generally these will be in rounds. It can be actual aggressive to get a pupillage and therefore, it is important that you acquisition a way to angle out decidedly in first-round interviews.

There are some key aspects that you appetite to adapt to be acknowledged in your interview. Accomplish abiding you apperceive your CV, your application, and all about the alcove you are interviewing at – central out. This will be the base of the questions you are asked.

Many accommodation will accord you a botheration catechism back you access to present whilst in the interview. Examples of this could be accounting assignment which you may be questioned about, arguing as allotment of an advancement exercise or a altercation point to abide with the interviewers.

It is additionally absolutely important to apperceive your accepted diplomacy – decidedly those which anon chronicle to the specialism of the chambers.

5. Acquire an Action and Prepare

If you acquire an action afterward an account with a accommodation area you appetite to undertake your pupillage – acquire the offer! Again what? You may be asking. As explained above, you about administer for a pupillage at atomic a year afore you alpha so you may acquisition afterwards accepting your action you are larboard waiting. But this is aloof as important a time as any – use it to prepare! So abide researching, acquisition the textbooks you charge and booty time to abstract as abundant advice as possible. Abide accessible and network, network, arrangement – activity able for your pupillage will be abundant easier if your -to-be accommodation feels aloof like home.

Words: Alicia Gibson

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