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An LLB law amount ability be your aboriginal best if you’re because belief law at university. But what is the LLB, what are some LLB courses on offer, and will you accept to booty the LNAT? Acquisition out below!

What Is LLB?

The LLB is a three-year college apprenticeship condoning law amount which leads to the abutting date in training to access the acknowledged profession: either the LPC for attorneys (soon to be replaced by the SQE) or the BPTC for barristers.

The LLB amount is not to be abashed with a law BA, which would charge to be followed by a law about-face advance in adjustment to advance to a qualification.

LLB law degrees are offered by hundreds of universities beyond the UK. It is accordingly important to do your analysis and accomplish abiding you accept the one that’s appropriate for you.

Many universities action degrees with an added year to abstraction French Law or German Law. Added universities action collective law courses such as politics, aesthetics and law LLB.


What Does LLB Angle for?

The LLB is an abridgement of the Latin ‘Legum Baccalaureus’ which translates to a Available of Laws degree.


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What Are the LLB Modules?

There are seven compulsory LLB modules that you charge abstraction in adjustment to complete this degree.

You commonly abstraction these LLB capacity in the aboriginal and additional years of your law degree. In the third year of your course, you are usually able to baddest about four capacity of your choice.

Compulsory LLB Subjects
Constitutional Law
Criminal Law
Contract Law
Property/Land Law
Equity & Trusts
EU Law
Tort Law

You can additionally accept to address a law argument at best universities as one of your LLB modules.

You should accept law modules that may be accordant to your approaching career if you accept anticipation that far ahead. Otherwise, selecting modules from the law amount abridgement that absolutely absorption you and will accumulate you motivated is a abundant idea.

If you accept an LLB amount affairs with an advantage to abstraction law abroad, you will about do this in the third year of your course.

Don’t balloon that altered universities accept altered advance structures, so you should analysis the university law undergraduate pages for added information!

Admission Process

The action for applying for an LLB law amount is the aforementioned as applying to any added amount course. You will accomplish your choices and abide your appliance through UCAS.

Your UCAS law appliance includes your grades, a claimed account and a abecedary reference. Your law claimed statement can absolutely accomplish you angle out from the crowd, so it’s important you address it well.

You can accept up to bristles universities on your UCAS form. You don’t accept to administer for the aforementioned advance at anniversary university. However, it is important to administer for agnate courses so that your law claimed account charcoal accordant for every advance that you administer to.

When authoritative applications via UCAS, your academy will generally adviser you through the action and accomplish you acquainted of the key deadlines.

However, we acclaim that you additionally booty claimed albatross so that you abide your appliance on time.

Will I Accept to Sit the LNAT?

If your LLB law amount is at an LNAT university, you will accept to booty The Law Civic Bent Analysis (LNAT). This is an access analysis that some universities crave you to booty during your appliance process. The analysis challenges your exact acumen skills, adeptness to accept and adapt advice and capabilities to draw conclusions. It is not a analysis of your acknowledged knowledge.

To acquisition out added about the test, booty a attending at our LNAT section. 

The UK universities that crave you to booty the LNAT are:

UK LNAT Universities
University of Bristol
Durham University
University of Glasgow
Kings Academy London (KCL)
LSE London Academy of Economics and Political Science
University of Nottingham
University of Oxford
UCL Adroitness of Laws

Go to our LNAT area for added advice on the law access exam.


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