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If you’re an ambitious solicitor, you’ll accept heard about the SQE. In 2017, the Solicitors Adjustment Authority (SRA) clearly appear a change in how approaching attorneys will alternation and authorize back SQE (Solicitors Condoning Examination) is alien in September 2021.

Why Is the SQE Actuality Introduced? Test

The SQE is actuality alien in acknowledgment to The SRA’s affair about how ambitious attorneys are able for adviser practice. It argues that accepted methods active by educational institutions to brainwash and appraise (on courses such as the condoning LLB Law Degree, LPC and the GDL) are inconsistent and difficult to monitor.

The new avenue is advised to allay any assumption notions that a university avenue is bigger than an apprenticeship or ‘equivalent means’ route, back a standardised analysis will be given. The SRA (Solicitors Adjustment Authority) describes this as giving all qualifiers the befalling to “demonstrate a akin of adeptness and analytic adeptness at atomic agnate to that of a graduate.”

The SRA additionally acknowledges the assorted access requirements and appraisal methods for law degrees, the GDL and the LPC, and the adversity this creates in attempting to accommodate a standardised qualification. The new analysis will hopefully advice to allay some of these concerns.

As a result, the SRA appropriate that one standardised assay (the SQE) be implemented beyond the lath in an attack to accompany accord to the way individuals are advised activity forward.

How to Authorize as a Adviser Through the SQE Route

To authorize as a solicitor, candidates will charge to:

  • Have a amount or an agnate qualification, or accept acquired agnate experience
  • Have the acknowledged ability bare to canyon the SQE (this can be accomplished by demography an LLB or law about-face course)
  • Pass SQE stages 1 and 2
  • Have completed at atomic two years of condoning acknowledged assignment experience


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How Is Your Bartering Awareness?

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What Will the Solicitor’s Condoning Assay Involve?

The SQE will be breach into two parts:

  • The aboriginal allotment (SQE 1) will analysis a candidate’s adeptness to use and administer acknowledged knowledge; and
  • The additional allotment (SQE 2) will analysis acknowledged skills.

Part One

The aboriginal allotment will broadly appraise activity acknowledged ability through a alternation of computer-based examinations. Allotment one is acceptable to be fabricated up of several altered catechism formats, including:

  • Single best acknowledgment questions
  • Extended analogous questions
  • Multiple-choice questions

Part one of the Solicitor’s Condoning assay will additionally accept a accounting assessment. Candidates will accept three attempts (taken aural six years) to canyon the exams. They can alone move on to allotment two already they accept done so.

  • Proposed assay capacity for allotment one of the SQE include:
  • Professional conduct, accessible and authoritative law and the acknowledged systems of England and Wales
  • Dispute resolution on arrangement or tort
  • Property law and practice
  • Commercial and accumulated law and practice
  • Wills and the administering of estates and trusts
  • Criminal law and practice

Work-Based Learning

In accession to sitting the SQE, candidates will accept to complete a aeon of ‘work-based learning’ (similar to the accepted training contract system), which will booty abode in a law close or SRA accustomed organisation. The breadth of this training set to be 24 months, and at the end of this aeon of work-based learning, candidates will again sit allotment two of the SQE.

Accepted work-based acquirements includes the following:

  • Paralegal work
  • A adjustment during a law degree
  • A apprentice law dispensary or at the Citizens Advice.

Part Two

The additional allotment of the Solicitor’s Condoning Assay will appraise amount acknowledged abilities (for example, applicant interviewing, advocacy, case and amount analysis, acknowledged research, accounting admonition and drafting) through a alternation of bristles assessments again in two abstracted acknowledged contexts. These assessments will booty abode afterwards the applicant has completed a aeon of assignment based learning.

Five key things you charge to apperceive about the SQE.

For advice on how the SQE will affect your career, watch the SRA’s video:

For Added Advice on How The SQE Will Affect Your Career, watch the SRA‘s video below:

The Capricious Phase

Law acceptance who are in the action of commutual a law degree, about-face course, LPC or training arrangement will be able to accept amid the old and new routes until the SQE comes into force in 2021.

You can additionally abide with the accepted avenue if, afore 1st September 2021, you complete, start, acquire an offer, or pay a drop for a law about-face course.

If you’re starting your LLB abutting year, you charge acquire your action and alpha your advance by 21st September to abide with the accepted route.

You again accept until 31st December 2032 to authorize as a adviser beneath the accepted pathway.

SQE Costs

The absolute fee for demography both SQE assessments will be £3,980.

The breakdown is as follows:

SQE1: £1,558 (covering 10 hours of examinations testing candidates’ activity acknowledged knowledge.)
SQE2: £2,422 (covering 14 hours of accounting and articulate tasks testing both applied acknowledged ability and skills)

The costs do not awning SQE training, which will alter in amount depending on the academy and advance you choose.

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