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Law training affairs accomplish up the aftermost date of training afore condoning as a solicitor. The training arrangement application and application action can be diffuse and it’s a acclaimed actuality that the cardinal of training affairs outnumbers the cardinal of applicants. But don’t panic! Apprehend on for some advantageous tips and advice on things like training arrangement seats, secondments and salaries.

What Is a Law Training Contract?

A training arrangement in law is a two-year training aeon agitated out in a law firm or in-house in a ample organisation by law graduates advancing a career as a solicitor.

This aeon of recognised training is adapted by the Solicitor’s Authoritative Ascendancy (SRA). It’s supervised by the law close or organisation’s accomplished solicitors.

You can become a abecedarian adviser afterwards a condoning law amount and the LPC. Or, if you did a non-law degree, afterwards a about-face course, like the GDL.

A law training arrangement gives a abecedarian adviser the befalling to authenticate to their close of acknowledged administration and the SRA that you they the abilities appropriate to auspiciously convenance law.

Legal trainees do this through commutual altered seats and immersing themselves in the ability of the law firm.


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What Does a Abecedarian Adviser Do?

As a abecedarian solicitor, you will put all of your abstract studies from university into practice.

You will get complex in assignment for a cardinal of altered clients.

Daily tasks may include:

  • Attending affairs with clients
  • Drafting emails and belletrist to clients
  • Drafting and negotiating acknowledged abstracts and contracts
  • Attending interviews
  • Preparing for and accessory cloister proceedings
  • Administrative tasks such as proofreading documents

Want to apperceive added about the affectionate of assignment you ability complete on your training contract? Apprehend from a abecedarian adviser in the banking  administration of Norton Rose Fulbright in the video below.

Law Training Arrangement Seats

Law training arrangement seats are periods of time that law trainees absorb in specific acknowledged departments. Alternating seats allows you to advance and body your acknowledged assignment acquaintance and applied training in a cardinal of altered convenance areas of the law.

Depending on area you train, abecedarian attorneys will either complete four six-month training arrangement seats or a greater cardinal of beneath seats. In abate law firms and ample organisations with acknowledged teams, acknowledged trainees may accept beneath departments to circle between.

The types of seats you can apprehend will alter from close to close depending on its law specialism. You will be placed in both advancing (those which absorb disputes) and non-contentious seats.

In this video, Victoria, Abecedarian Development Administrator at Norton Rose Fulbright, tells us about the seats at the law firm.

Training Arrangement Secondments

A training arrangement abetment is a aeon of training or bench that a abecedarian adviser spends centralized in a client’s acknowledged team. It could appear locally, nationally or overseas.

Larger acknowledged firms tend to action added opportunities to acknowledged trainees for all-embracing training arrangement secondments. So if activity on a abetment across is article important to you, you charge buck this in apperception while choosing the appropriate law close for you.

Professional Abilities Advance (PSC)

The Able Abilities Advance is the aftermost allotment of your compulsatory training afore condoning as a adviser and builds on the abilities you’ve abstruse during the LPC or GDL.

It covers the afterward amount areas:

  • Financial and Business Skills
  • Advocacy and Advice Skills
  • Client Affliction and Able Standards

During your Able Abilities course, you will booty constituent modules on areas of the law which absorption you.

You can accept amid advancing and non-contentious modules from assorted specialisms including criminal, family and corporate law.

There are additionally convenance abilities electives including modules on how to present, advance accounting advice and accommodate well. Commercial awareness additionally forms a big allotment of the course.

When to Administer For Law Training Contracts

When you should administer for adviser training affairs depends on your called abstraction avenue and best of law firm.

Study RouteWhen to Apply
Three-year condoning law degreeYour additional year
Three-year non-law degreeYour third year
Four-year condoning law degreeYour third year
Four-year non-law degreeYour fourth year

Law Training Affairs Salary

A training arrangement salary can alter abundantly depending on area in the UK you complete your training and the blazon of law close you administer to.

 Starting Law Abecedarian Bacon (London)Starting Law Abecedarian Bacon (Outside London)
Recommended minimum training arrangement salary£22,212£19,619
Average training arrangement Salary£35,000 - £48,000£18,000 - £35,000
Training Arrangement Conference

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