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Sitting a Watson Glaser analysis is allotment of the law training contract application process. It’s additionally acceptable you’ll accept to complete one afore accepting yourself a abode on a vacation scheme. But what absolutely is the Watson Glaser, and how can you do able-bodied on the test?

What Is the Watson Glaser Test?

The Watson Glaser analysis is an bent appraisal acclimated by law practices to analysis analytical cerebration adeptness amid added skills.

One of several types of psychometric tests, the Watson Glaser analytical cerebration analysis is acclimated by firms to shortlist candidates for training contracts and vacation schemes. This is because it tests for abilities appropriate for a career in law.

The Watson Glaser tests a candidate’s adeptness to:

  1. Think critically
  2. Draw conclusions
  3. Assess able and anemic arguments
  4. Recognise assumptions
  5. Evaluate arguments

Watch this video on YouTube for added detail on the Watson Glaser Test.

What Is the Architecture of the Watson Glaser Test?

The Watson Glaser analysis consists of about 40 questions breach into bristles sections:

  1. Assessment of inferences
  2. Recognition of assumptions
  3. Deduction
  4. Interpretation
  5. Evaluation

The Watson Glaser analysis questions chase a multiple-choice format.

Candidates commonly accept 30 account to complete the test, however, you will be accustomed a time absolute or borderline for commutual it by the law close you’re applying to.


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Watson Glaser Analysis Sample Questions

1. Appraisal of Inferences

In the Appraisal of Inference area of the test, the questions are focused about one statement. You charge accept that all of the advice in these statements is accurate and not use any alfresco ability to acquaint your answer.

The account is again followed by a alternation of inferences apropos to it. You charge characterization anniversary of these inferences as:

  • True
  • Probably true
  • Insufficient data
  • Probably false
  • False

In adjustment to do this, you will charge to attending for clue words in the argument and counterbalance the probabilities logically.

Assessment of Inferences Sample Question

Two hundred acceptance in their aboriginal adolescence voluntarily abounding a contempo weekend apprentice appointment in a burghal in England. At this conference, the capacity of chase adequation and agency of accomplishing abiding apple accord were discussed, back these were the problems the acceptance called as actuality best basic in today’s world.

1. As a group, the acceptance who abounding this appointment showed a keener absorption in ample amusing problems than do best added acceptance in their aboriginal teens
PROBABLY TRUEWe apperceive that the acceptance ‘voluntarily’ abounding so this implies they are absorbed in the ample amusing problems. We are additionally told that the problems discussed were called by the acceptance themselves. These credibility do not definitively prove that the account is true. But they advance it is acceptable the case
2. The majority of the acceptance had not ahead discussed the appointment capacity in their schoolsPROBABLY FALSEHad this been the case, it would accept been adamantine for the acceptance to accede aloft them as ‘the best basic in today’s world’. But there is annihilation to prove that it is absolutely false
3. The acceptance came from all genitalia of the countryINSUFFICIENT DATAThe acknowledgment is absolutely aboveboard because the affair isn’t mentioned!
4. The acceptance discussed mainly automated relations problemsFALSEIndustrial relations problems are not mentioned in the aloft statement
5. Some boyish acceptance acquainted it advantageous to altercate problems of chase adequation and means of accomplishing apple peace.TRUEIt is absolutely declared in the argument and we are told that ‘the acceptance called [these issues] as actuality best basic in today’s world’

2. Acceptance of Assumptions

In the acceptance of assumptions area of the Watson Glaser test, you’re accustomed addition account to examine. You are again accustomed a cardinal of assumptions and asked if these have, or accept not, been fabricated in the statement.

Recognition of Assumptions Sample question

We charge to save time in accepting there so we’d bigger go by plane.

1. Activity by even will booty beneath time than activity by some added agency of transportationASSUMPTION MADEThe antecedent account relies on this actuality accurate but doesn’t accompaniment it
2. There is a even account accessible to us for at atomic allotment of the ambit to the destinationASSUMPTION MADEIn adjustment to save time by demography a plane, one would charge to be available
3. Biking by even is added acceptable than biking by train ACCEPTANCE NOT MADEConvenience is not mentioned; alone time is

Top Bristles Means to Advance Your Watson Glaser Analysis Performance

3. Deduction

With the Watson Glaser’s answer questions, you are accustomed a access followed by a cardinal of proposed abstracts to it. You charge adjudge whether or not the cessation ‘follows’, or ‘does not follow’ the advice accustomed in the passage.

Think about the assumptions assignment aloft and administer the aforementioned argumentation here. Buck in apperception that a cessation cannot be an assumption.

Deduction Sample question

Statement: Some Sundays are rainy. All backing canicule are boring. Therefore:

1. No bright canicule are boringCONCLUSION DOES NOT FOLLOWThis is an assumption. Aloof because all X is Y, it doesn’t beggarly that Z is never Y
2. Some Sundays are boringCONCLUSION FOLLOWS
We apperceive some Sundays are backing and that those canicule are all boring
3. Some Sundays are not boring
We apperceive that some Sundays are absolutely arid because they are backing as declared above. But we cannot accept that Sundays that are not backing are not arid for some added reason

4. Interpretation

For the estimation questions of the Watson Glaser test, you charge to accept the acceptation of a allotment of advice and administer it logically. You are accustomed a abbreviate branch followed by several appropriate conclusions.
Again, you should accept that aggregate in the access is true. On this basis, you will appraise whether the abstracts accustomed chase on from the advice provided.

Interpretation Sample Question

A abstraction of cant advance in accouchement from ages eight months to six years old shows that the admeasurement of announced cant increases from aught words at age eight months to 2,562 words at age six years.

1. None of the accouchement in this abstraction had abstruse to allocution by the age of six monthsCONCLUSION FOLLOWSThe access acutely states that cant is ‘zero words’ at 8 months. With aught words, a adolescent cannot accept abstruse to talk
2. Cant advance is slowest during the aeon back accouchement are acquirements to walkCONCLUSION DOES NOT FOLLOWIt is appetizing to accomplish this assumption, because at the 8-month point cant is declared as zero, and this may accompany with back abounding accouchement apprentice to walk. But this abstraction doesn’t arise in the statement, and so is an acceptance based on alfresco knowledge

5. Appraisal of Arguments

The aim of the Watson Glaser appraisal of arguments questions is to appraise whether you can analyze able arguments from anemic ones. Able arguments are awful relevant, astute and claiming the altercation given.

The key to answering these questions is to apathy your claimed assessment and anticipate logically.

Evaluation of Arguments Sample question

Should all adolescent adults in the Affiliated Commonwealth go on to college apprenticeship at university?

Yes; university provides an befalling for them to abrasion university scarvesARGUMENT WEAKThis is neither actual accordant nor an impactful argument
No; a ample allotment of adolescent adults do not accept abundant adeptness or absorption to acquire any account from university trainingARGUMENT STRONGThis is actual accordant and challenges the aloft altercation
No; boundless belief assuredly warps an individual’s personalityARGUMENT WEAKThis is aloof not actual realistic!

What Is a Acceptable Watson Glaser Analysis Score?

What is classed as a acceptable account on the Watson Glaser depends on the close you are applying to. The Watson Glaser canyon mark varies from year to year depending on boilerplate Watson Glaser analysis after-effects accomplished from candidates to anniversary firm.

To accord yourself the best adventitious of actuality called by the law close you administer to, aim for a account of 75% or more.

You should never aim to aloof canyon the analysis because best law firms will use the Watson Glaser analysis after-effects to adjudge amid candidates who are accomplishing appropriately able-bodied as anniversary added in added genitalia of the application process, like in their training arrangement applications.

You can addition your affairs of accomplishing the best account in the Watson Glaser by application our chargeless Watson Glaser online convenance test.

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Watson Glaser Analysis Tips

  • Read and re-read the catechism and the access until you are 100% abiding you accept it
  • Divide your time amid the bristles sections so that you absorb according amounts of time on anniversary question
  • Read the Watson Glaser sample questions accustomed to you afore you attack the absolute questions
  • Start practising for the analysis early. Continued appellation convenance is abundant added benign
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