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If you’re on this folio you may be at sixth form, university or already alive and attractive for a career change. Whatever date of your apprenticeship you’re at, chase this footfall by footfall adviser on how to become a adviser and you’ll accept a clearer abstraction of what it takes to access the field. (Please agenda this adviser covers the university route, so if you are attractive for advice about acknowledged apprenticeships, appointment our agnate page.)

NOTE: The way in which attorneys will alternation and authorize is acceptable to change already the new Solicitors Condoning Examination (SQE) takes aftereffect in autumn 2021.

How to Become a Adviser Step-by-Step

1. Complete a condoning law amount or GDL

Route One: Access an LLB law degree recognised by the Solicitor’s Adjustment Ascendancy (SRA). There are a advanced array of law degrees you can booty but accomplish abiding that the one you accept allows you to qualify. This will absorb demography a assertive cardinal of compulsatory modules including abomination and bent law.
Route Two: For those who did not or aren’t belief law at university at undergraduate level, you charge complete an added year of abstraction alleged the Graduate Law Diploma (GDL) or ‘law about-face course’.

2. Acknowledged Convenance advance (LPC)

After finishing University, the abutting footfall is to booty the LPC. This is a abstruse advance and will advise you how to administer what you abstruse at university into real-life settings. Some candidates accept this paid for by a law close as allotment of their training arrangement so it’s important to alpha the action of applying to training affairs early, contrarily you may acquaintance adversity in allotment your studies.

If you haven’t accustomed a training arrangement by your third year, you are still able to booty the LPC beeline away, but you accept to booty into annual the banking implications of advantageous to abstraction for the advance yourself. Appointment our LPC allotment guide for information.

3. Aeon of Recognised Training (2 years)

This is what is frequently accepted as a training contract. This involves two years of abounding time assignment acquaintance at a law firm, area you undertake several seats in altered departments. Some of the beyond firms will alpha the application action as aboriginal as the additional year of university so it’s important that you alpha cerebration about your options aboriginal in the process.

Here, you’ll get on-the-job training and will activate to accept what it’s absolutely like to be a solicitor. You’ll additionally accept to booty added compulsatory training, authoritative abiding that your able abilities are up to blemish by the time you qualify.

4. Accomplishment as a solicitor

Once you accept completed all accordant training, you charge administer to the SRA for acceptance to the roll, which is the annals of attorneys in England and Wales. Back this has been approved, you are now certified as a solicitor!

Overall, this action will booty a minimum of six years.


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Solicitor Assignment Experience

If you are because a career as a solicitor, law close assignment acquaintance or an in-house-based adviser adjustment will be best adapted and may accommodate commutual a vacation scheme, accessory a law close accessible day and/or do a acknowledged internship.

Find out added in our law assignment acquaintance guide.

Solicitor Career Progression

Law Firm

Career Progression in a law close ambience is as follows:

  1. Trainee Solicitor
  2. Junior/Assistant Solicitor
  3. Senior Solicitor
  4. Salaried Partner
  5. Junior Disinterestedness Partner
  6. Senior Disinterestedness Partner


It is accessible to alternation and authorize ‘in-house’ in a bartering organisation and assignment your way through the ranks of inferior adviser appropriate through to a ‘head of legal’ position.
Alternatively, you could alternation and authorize in a law close and move centralized at a after date in your acknowledged career.

Judge Opportunities

With amid bristles and seven years column accomplishment acquaintance as a solicitor, it is alike accessible to accompany the attorneys and become a:

  • Tribunal Judge
  • Deputy Commune Judge
  • Recorder in court


It’s important to agenda that this is the accepted action and from 2021, a new arrangement of accomplishment will be open. This new arrangement is alleged the Adviser Condoning Assay or SQE.

Here are the capital differences:

It will not be all-important to accept a condoning law amount to undertake the SQE. Anyone with an undergraduate amount or agnate will be able to become a adviser with no law about-face advance needed.

The LPC will be replaced by two sets of binding assessments.

Candidates will still accept to do two years of condoning assignment acquaintance but the requirements for this are set to be looser with candidates actuality able to accretion that acquaintance from up to four altered acknowledged employers.

This arrangement will be accessible at the ancient September 2021 but will run accordingly with the accepted action for some time in the future. This agency that approaching candidates will best acceptable get the best of either adjustment of qualification.

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